We're Pregnant!

If you follow our Instagram and Facebook posts then you probably already know about our exciting news. John and I are so relieved and excited to finally announce our pregnancy- our very first little one is set to arrive in February of 2018. Words really can't describe how wonderful it feels to receive so many kind words and well wishes from family and friends and from those we haven't heard from in a long time (social media truly is amazing). We know this is going to be such a special time in our lives and we can't wait to share our journey with those we love.


This summer has been a wild and crazy one for sure. John and I decided to put our home in Oak Ridge up for sale in April. We sold our house the end of April. Then bought a house in Monroe the beginning of May. We found out we were pregnant Memorial Day Weekend and now we're scrambling for the move and a new baby! I guess it all comes at once as they say! Poor John is going to have to completely move out of the house without me (I'll be gone for three weeks with back to back to back markets). As much as I feel bad for leaving him with all this, I will say it's going to be pretty nice to come home and have it all finished!

I cannot wait to get in our new home so I can start working on our nursery- I have a couple of themes in mind but I'm not 100% set on one just yet. Knowing the gender in about a month will help make my decision easier (I hope). I'll definitely be keeping you in the loop as we make our choices along the way.

As you can see from our announcement shoot, Penny was perfectly precious! She did such a great job posing and staying still :) We can't wait to see her reactions once we bring home her new little brother or sister. Golden retrievers are naturally good with children and I know she will be no exception.

First Trimester Recap

My first trimester was honestly a lot easier than I anticipated. So many of my friends who have had children in recent years or who are currently pregnant really struggled. Fortunately, my symptoms weren't too severe. Starting at about Week 5 through Week 10, I was extremely nauseated. I never vomited but I felt really crummy. I didn't really struggle with headaches but my exhaustion was real. Some days I would take two naps before going to bed at 8pm.

By Week 11, my nausea subsided and I regained some of my energy. I'm now in Week 13 and I feel really good. Everyone says your second trimester is wonderful so I am looking forward to the next 3 or so months!